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Disappointed by Doyoueven? | See how Sweet Peach Apparel is better

Many unsatisfied customers have reported a large number of issues with Doyoueven ranging from complaints about their customer service, clothing quality, to the length of delivery. Reports have indicated that this company has taken over 1 month to deliver a single item which is completely unacceptable. The team also has a reputation of ignoring customer emails, and even deleting negative comments and reviews from their website.


When it comes to the product, customers have reported the inaccuracy of the Doyoueven size chart and the inconsistency of the clothing. Customers specifically complained that the legs are way too long on their leggings, and that some are tight in the thighs and loose in the ankles. Others have reported that some styles are very stiff and not ideal for workouts. Worst of all, many people have complained about the stitching falling apart in less than two weeks. One poor girl had an entire seam split during a squat at the gym. You should be able to trust your gym clothing to sustain your workout, including heavy lifting.


Let us tell you why Sweet Peach Apparel is better…


We are a proud Canadian company while Doyoueven is based in AU. As a smaller Canadian company, we pride ourselves on customer service and customer satisfaction. We guarantee that you will speak directly with one of our service representatives to deal with any issues that arise. We do not automate our responses and are extremely happy to hear from our customers. In each interaction, we take the time to find an appropriate resolution so that, no matter what, our customers are treated with the utmost respect and compassion.


Any refund or exchange is handled quickly and professionally. You may also use our coupon codes as many times as needed, no limits, no order cancelations. You will never have to worry about poor delivery services as we work directly with Amazon’s FBA service which has a great tracking and notification system for all shipments. We also accept any and all reviews, whether negative or positive, and would never block a customer’s account or delete their comments. Rather, we work with our customers to make sure their concerns are heard and given adequate attention.


Furthermore, Darlene Anderson, a CPA bikini competitor, designed our clothing specifically to endure rigorous training. She knows that in order to compete against the best, you must live a good portion of your life at the gym in clothing that can sustain you while you pursue your aspirations. With Sweet Peach Apparel, you do not have to worry about see-through leggings or a tearing a seam during squats or deadlifts. Our athletes have been training with our leggings for months and have yet to bust a seam. Our thick, soft elastic is high-quality material that does not show small amounts of sweat. Rest assured, if you do see sweat marks, you’ll know you hit your workout hard and with full effort. We are also proud to have designed a sports bra that is multifunctional. The hood on our sports bras provides additional cushion/coverage during squats and each bra comes with padding and a thick band for the ultimate level of support. No more double bras at the gym! Overall, we provide a much higher quality product than Doyoueven at 1/2 of the price! Finally, we offer free shipping to all Canadians. No more added fees at checkout.


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